The mission of Live Music Sound Nation is to give everyone the transformative, multi sensory experience that is called Live Music. Through performance, we spread the sounds and stories of the world's greatest composers and artists. 

Live Music Sound Nation (or LMSN) is a contemporary instrumental multi-media ensemble, focusing on the production and performance of modern rock and film score shows. Using a highly collaborative approach, the next generation of talented musicians and artists rehearse music and prepare visual displays for arena-style rock and movie concerts. We use the latest in sound/lighting FX and design as we perform the compositions of the great musical artists of the modern day. 


The name Live Music Sound Nation was born out of a need to describe what the group does: Live Music, because that is how and what we perform; Sound, because that is the principle component of music and how the world communicates most effectively; Nation, because we are musicians from all over the world, brought together as one, unified by our desire to perform and produce incredible live musical experiences for audiences.

What our audiences say about our shows!

Selected postings taken from our emails and

comments page. Thank you to our lovely audiences! 

"Mind-blowing! Most awesome show

I have seen in a long time..."

"Of all of the shows and concerts I have seen here in 9 years, this was the most exciting, innovative and easily of the highest quality. Bravo to all!"

"Amazing - best show I have seen!!!" 

"I really loved the opening where you explained the technology behind live shows, and how everything in your show was put together... 

It only added to an already amazing night."

"Your group didn't just put on any show, but it was a show that was really fun, appealed to everyone, and was incredibly uplifting. Thank you for Live Music Sound Nation."

"Out of everything, the music, the lights, the video, the sound...this was one seriously polished show."

"The lighting effects worked really well with the music, instead of being distracting... And it was awesome meeting the members of the group after the show and seeing how much they love performing."

"The choice of music was spot on, and all of the elements worked seamlessly together. I enjoyed every moment of your LMSN show, and really hope you perform here again soon."

"I showed all of my friends Snapchat videos of your show, and they were freaking out how good it looked...hope you come back soon and play again!"