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The mission of LIVE MUSIC SOUND NATION is to give everyone the transformative, multi-sensory experience that is called Live Music. Through performance, we spread the sounds, sights and stories of the world's greatest composers and music artists. Live Music Sound Nation's pedagogical goal is to create the complete musician for the 21st Century.


Live Music Sound Nation (or LMSN) is a contemporary instrumental multi-media ensemble, focusing on the training, education, production and performance of modern rock and film score arena shows. Using a highly collaborative approach, the next generation of talented musicians and artists are trained in all aspects of an arena show.


The musicians compose, orchestrate, rehearse and produce the music; learn, prepare and build their stage design and visual displays using Vectorworks; learn the latest in lighting and sound design, multi tracking, live mixing, video FX, and other light and sound elements; and finally perform the results of their work as an immersive multi-media arena show.  Our shows have been met with great acclaim from every audience far and wide. 

The name Live Music Sound Nation was born out of a need to describe what the group does: Live Music, because that is how and what we perform; Sound, because that is the principle component of music and how the world communicates most effectively; Nation, because we are musicians from all over the world, brought together as one, unified by our desire to perform and produce incredible live musical experiences for audiences.

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